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Requesting time! Alright. Requests for six people! Although, i can really only do a few kinds of art. Sweating a little... the main reason why i'm doing this is to increase the traffic to my prof. and (hopefully) allow people to spread good things about me! XD below the people who are getting requests i'll be telling what i will/can draw.

1: :iconkechithehedgie:






Will draw: Anime-ish humans. Anthros. Pokemorphs. Dragons. Mobians. Robots, although, don't expect it to have a crap ton of detailing. 
Will NOT draw: MLP. Overly sexual things (such as fully, detailedish nude. If there's fur covering any *ahem* details, then I will draw it). 
Can't draw: most animes aside from Pokemon (sorry. Sweating a little... ). stuff that is fully anime, anthro, mobian, etc. all my drawings are a mix of different kinds of art styles. Perspective, i SUCK at it. Overly complicated scenes, like cities or battles. Also, most jewelry like chains. those will just end up looking like solid lines for now. :/ <--Slight change to this, I have been working on my skills with jewelry, while it may not be the best, it at least won't look like said solid lines.

I can really only draw things from straight on or the side. drawing things at a 3/4 view isn't something i do well. Sweating a little... But if that's the ONLY WAY you'll have something done, i'll do my best, but chances are it'll look a LOT worse than if i did it from the front or full side. I may add more stuff on to the W. W. C. drawing thing as requests pop up. Also, if you have a picture reference that'll help out, if not then oh well. I'll do my best from words. XD Give all the details of who/what you want, and how you want them drawn in the comments!
  • Listening to: sounds
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: light
  • Playing: Pokemon, Minecraft, Portal 2, or Halo Wars.
  • Eating: munchies
  • Drinking: something


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Jason "Fox" Kings
United States
you'll get nothing from me
[Edit] lemme change this, one most of us on this account ARE male, there are one or two females. None of us are artists, we are writers who write about past experiences. our names are; Cor (me who is writing this), Fox Downs, Jason Kings 1 (J1), Jason Kings 2 (J2), Jason Kings 3 (J3), and Maria Downs, and Tia Los.

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