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                                                                       Jason's Slimy Quest

        After accepting another quest to kill pesky monsters, this time slimes, Jason started walking out of the town towards a known spawn point of them. He drew his machete and shield as he approached the location of the translucent, slimy buggers. He sprinted at the closest one, grateful he had gotten up and to it before most other players. As he got close, he moved his arm for a sideways slash and struck at the slime. The mass of goo shifted enough for minimal damage and thusly turned on him to strike back. He raised his shield to block it and the oozing bastard got lucky with a critical hit, despite the shield, knocking him into the beginnings of the yellow zone of his health. Jason swung his machete down at the slime as it moved back for another attack and managed to knock its health down until it was so close to dying he practically could sneeze on it to kill it. "That's bull." Jason grumbles as he dodged the slime's next attack. "One HP? Really?" He poked the slime to kill it.  
        By then, a few other slimes began making their way towards the commotion, oozing along the ground towards him. "Well, this makes it easier. Kind of." Jason mutters to himself, sprinting at the next closest one to give it a hit-and-run and knock it's health down. "Good. Weaker slime." He turns to slow down and sprint again before a third slime that was within it's attack distance could attack him. He went back towards the injured slime and blocked its attack to kill it with another good hit. Next he pivoted towards the third, and last slime, he needed to kill to complete the quest only to receive a strike to his chest and sending his health into the red zone. "Shitshitshit." Jason begins backing away, moving to get a health crystal out and drink it.
        As his health regens from the potion and his battle healing ability, Jason struck back at the slime, living goop breaks away into a poof of blue-silver specks. "Finally." Jason sighs before looking at several more slimes coming his way. "I'm out of here." He mutters before dashing off towards the town.
                                                                   Jason's Pork Chopped

     Jason walked towards the exit/entrance of a small town where he picked up the quest that also hadn't been visited by many players so there was plenty to hunt in the fields and forest around it. He headed down the path towards the fields first since it would give him better sight for any boars or pigs. He pulled out his machete and his pet rock, who now had an evil grin on one part of it, and prepared to throw the rock as he started to sprint towards a group of pigs. He hurled it towards one of the pigs to aggro the creature and continued running towards it as the others scatter from him. The pig squeals and turns just as an orange glowing sword cuts across its face and Jason moves to one side as the, now really angered, animal tries to catch him. He moves a distance away from the pig to equip his shield, looking up in time to get bowled over by the pig, barely stopping a possibly deadly strike of the pigs hooves to his face with his shield. He quickly gets up and rushes the pig in turn, activating his weapon skill once more to give the pig a nice red glowing, hash-marked gash across the right flank and dropping its hp into the red zone. The pig tries to charge at Jason again so he stabs out with his machete to kill the pig before it struck him.
     He panted as he looked around, the rush of that fight starting to wear off. 'Of course the squealing sons of bacon scattered to who knows where...' He thinks to himself, frowning before starting to look for his pet rock and quickly finding it due to the face and the fact it didn't bounce too far from where it struck the pig. He began walking deeper into the fields and drank a health potion as he looked for more pigs. Once his health bar was back up to green he started jogging around a loop for the forest, still looking for pigs. He tripped over a rock as he headed down a hill. "Woooaaah!" he called out, falling forwards right onto a pig spawning in. The pig squealed angrily and threw him off to hit the ground hard where he worked to unsheathe his machete and bring his shield to bear before the pig rushed at him. He got hit again, thankfully the shield blocked most of the damage and gave him time to get upright and work on slashing rapidly at the pig. "You squealing little shit aren't going to kill me." He growls angrily as he chases the pig and continued slashing to finally kill it.

     "Damn random spawns. That'd better not become a thing for me." Jason mutters to himself as he then huffed and started for the forest. 'I'd best not get hit again...that was my only health crystal until I buy another one...' he thinks to himself as he entered the forest, slowing down to listen for any movement around the brush that might have been a pig. He ducked behind a tree when he spotted one and grabbed his shield out first, then his machete as he crouched and began stalking towards it until he got close enough to jump towards the pig with his machete held upside down to stab the bacon-y bastard. The pig was struck and started to run away as Jason turned and sprinted after it using his high speed stat to catch up and cut off the legs of the pig, killing it and making it break apart like all the other mobs into blue and white shiny fragments of despawning. He panted heavily and started for the town, looking up at the sun starting to go down. He'd been out and running around for a few hours and deserved some food after he turned in this quest. And thusly, he did and got some tasty sweet buns with some of the money.
Jason Aincrad Bio by Speciesunkn0wn
Jason Aincrad Bio
For :iconaincrad-adventuresrp:
I didn't draw the picture of my character, that goes to :iconxxdividedmemoriesxx:, but Jason belongs to me, as does his design.

Avatar Name:WhiteDem0n 
Current Residence:Hotel/Inn somewhere? 
Sexual Orientation:Straight 
Birthday:April 20th 
Preferred Hand:Left 
Marital Status:Single, for the moment. 
Personal Quote:"We weren't expecting a video game to trap us inside it, so why should I trust you?" 
Body build:Athletic 
Eye Color:Light Grey 
Clothing:White shirt and pants. White leather high boots. 
Accessories:A whiteoff center 'cape' over his right shoulder with the strap going under his left shoulder, a sheath strap running over his left shoulder and down across his chest to hold his machete, and a white headband with a blue polished stone set over his forehead and a blue spike off tothe right side of his head. 
Positive Traits:He's fiercely protective of the few people that he feels he can trust. He's willing to give tips to lower level people, and holds a soft spot for children. He will kill if it is the right thing, or if it is a red player or amurderousorange. 
Negative Traits:Due to what happened (getting stuck in the game), he is very cynical (that is, it's hard for him to trust people). 
Likes:Animals, sweet foods, delicious breads, people who do the right thing. 
Dislikes:Liars, murderers, people who do as they please for themselves, sour foods. 
Sum up of Character:A good ally once you get past the trust barrier. (I guess?) 
Important Family (ex: If you got married in game, or play with a sibling) to note:N/A for now 
Important Friends to note:N/A for now 
Important Party/Guild members to note:N/A for now 
Important Rivals to note:N/A for now 
Important Enemies to note:Red players who try to kill him. 
Game Information 
Current Experience points:0 
Type of Player: Green/Orange 
Guild: N/A for now 
Primary Weapon Class: Dagger-class 
Secondary Weapon Class: N/A for now 
Character Stats(Eachstatis out of a thousand pointspoints) 
Health Points(hp): 500 
Range: 1 
Skill Slots(Skills are out of a thousand points) 
Skill one:One-handed Dagger 
Skill two:Familiar (Pet) Communication 
Skill three:Battle Healing 
Skill four:Sprint 
Weapon/Armor Information: 
Primary Weapon 
Name of Weapon:Chopnese 
Level of Weapon:Basic 
Additional Stat gains:+30agility, +25 speed, -15 strength, -10 defense 
Secondary Weapon 
Name of Weapon: N/A 
Level of Weapon: N/A 
Weight: N/A 
Additional Stat gains:N/A 
Level of Armor: Basic 
Full set
If has parts, list which parts are currently owned. 
Type:  Leather,  
Additional Stat Gains:+10, +5, +5 
Bold Your Answer: 
Character can reach near death(slim about of red hp left): Yes
Character’s limbs can be chopped off(they will respawn): Yes
Character can die: Yes
Player Information 
When are you available?: Usually any time during the week days after 3:20 US eastern 
RP preferences: dA chat, Notes, Comments, Skype 
Literature or Script?:Either 
RP sample:“Nice to meet you.” Jason says, giving a mock salute. 
Other Information you’d like to list:  

Name: Carlos K.
Nicknames: Cee/C by Isisa
Age: 40ish, being part pokemon has screwed his age up and he can't quite remember it.
Threat Level: Mild
Current Residence: Average apartment in Bayview
Birthday: He just goes with April 2nd.
Sexual Orientation: Straight/Asexual
Marital Status: Widower
Personal Quote: *violin sounds that sound like speech*  


Species: Kricketotmorph
Weight: 150lb
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair/Fur color: Black
Clothing: Red T-shirt, black vest, black dress pants.
Accessories: Small necklace with the symbol of Arceus to remind him of what he's done and been through.

Brief Bio:

He came to the DaC universe with Nion as a captive after having defected previously as a 'repentant' to a group of people who have been destroying Splicer bases. After being captured he was turned into a Kricketotmorph and had his tongue cut out so he could never speak again, supposedly. He managed to get away in the confusion that followed their portal going haywire and proceeded to try and distance himself from any sort of groups fighting one another.  


Alignment: Neutral
Morals: Lawful
Personality: He has been permanently scarred by what he's done and been through as a guard for Splicer, then going through the same/possibly worse treatment as normal pokemorphs. This has made him lose faith in larger groups and ideologies, so he would much rather prefer to stay out of any conflicts and is only helping BRAWLERS because they're trying to follow the law and because Splicer members are in DISAURA.
Positive Traits: He is rather fatherly, due to his wife being pregnant before she died. He tries to do the right thing based off of what he's seen and been through so he can empathize with those who've been experimented on.  
Negative Traits: He is trying to be as neutral as possible, so most of what he does for BRAWLERS is done begrudgingly. He is a tad bitter and melancholy as a result of his realizing of the horrid things he helped cause when he worked with Splicer, and because his tongue was cut out.  
Likes: Isisa, music, sweet foods, fruits, writing music.
Dislikes: Splicer, the fact he can only 'eat' liquids, criminals.
Sum up your character in a few words: A repentant, experimented on guard for an evil organization

Group & Affiliations:

Group: Outsiders
Class: N/A-ish atm. He doesn't fight unless he has to.
Rank: See above
Affiliations: BRAWLERS


Important Family Members to note: Wife-deceased. Unborn child, also deceased
Important Friends to note: Isisa, technically his adopted daughter.
Partners: Uh...Isisa?
Rivals: Nion/Splicer to a degree
Other relationships: See the other Isisa posts.

Character Stats

(for more information on how to fill in stats, please check here

Stat Threat Level Ratio:  
0-19: Low
20-29: Mild
30-39: Moderate
40-49: High
50-59: Severe
60-69: Critical  
70-80: Catastrophic  

Speed: 4
Intelligence: 3
Stamina: 4
Strength: 5  
Agility: 4
Energy/Element projectiles: 5
Defense: 2  
Healing Ability: 1 (med-kits)
Overall Stats: 28

In the Field:

Area of expertise: Playing music?
Skills: Playing music with his arms.
Powers: ^, some bug-type attacks and other pokemon moves Kricketot can learn
Weapons: His arms

- Playing music
-Knowing the right kind of music to fit what's happening around him.  

- His tongue is cut out, so he uses his arms to make music that sounds like speech. This is somewhat hard to understand for most people, as such he sometimes relies on Isisa to 'translate'.

Name: Wei Takato
Nicknames: Fluffball, Cuddlekins, Vixen, Fluffy Guardian
Age: Physical: Usually 20. Mental: 50
Threat Level: Moderate
Current Residence: BRAWLERS Base, the backyard a lot
Birthday: Oct. 15
Sexual Orientation: Pansexual (not the cooking utensil)
Marital Status: Single
Personal Quote: "Fluffy isn't the only thing that defines me."


Species: Kitsune
Height: Varies, around 5'8 for her human forms, 6'9 for her anthro form.
Weight: Varies as well, 130 lbs for human, 177 lbs for anthro
Eye Color: Sunset-orange with what appears to be fire flickering in the back of her irises
Hair/Fur color: Her fur is a dark, silvery-grey while her hair is black with silvery-grey tips. Clothing: A tight, grey shirt with an image of Amaterasu on the front and black yoga pants, or an orange and gold kimono.
Accessories: Sunglasses to somewhat hide her eye color, and a small Japanese shrine.

Brief Bio: Wei came into being as a guardian spirit for the Takato family as they began to move from Japan to Europe fifty years ago. After the family arrived in Spain, Wei began to finalize her education and eventually went to college in the Middle East, majoring in Oriental Studies and minoring in Physics. The school's original campus was demolished shortly after her graduation and reopened elsewhere. She started traveling around soon after that and briefly went back to Japan where she was taught how to use a katana and continued her training with them as she kept traveling. She kept what she was a secret from everyone but those inside her protecant family, and soon arrived in the states eager to learn other ways to help protect them. At an Indian reserve, she was taught how to use a bow and quickly figured out she could make a bow using her special spirit magics, as well as her katana.


Alignment: Good
Morals: Neutral/Chaos?
Personality: She can be flirty, and much prefers being the dominant one in any romantic relationship. She enjoys all sorts of trickery and puzzles, while throwing vague hints around. She is also very protective of those she deems under her protection. While she is rather patient, she can be rather rash and is excited over anyhring that has a slight chance of being a new experience. Word of warning though: Do NOT make her mad to the point where she gives whoever is doing the thing a dire warning, or severely injure her or anyone 'under her protection'. Usually it is the last thing any normalish human ever does. Oh, trying to break her little shrine causes similar results.
Positive Traits: Her protective nature, she's willing to drop whatever she's doing and go help keep someone safe. Her age and what she had seen on the journey across a continent gives her a unique look at life. She's a virtually immortal creature, albeit in hiding, so that's a bonus. And because she's had plenty of time to practice her blending in, she is good at going unseen.
Negative Traits: Her protective nature. She will throw herself into the path of something that will kill a human to protect someone if possible. Because she was raised in a Japanese family, she has a sense of honor and tends to come down hard on herself if someone under her protection gets hurt or seriously hurt. She is somewhat secretive around new people.
Likes: Sweet and bitter foods, sword fighting, archery, meditating, playing pranks, riddles, puzzles, getting pets and scritches. Being dominant.
Dislikes: People getting hurt, sour foods, people trying to break her shrine (it's something of a berserk button). People being massive jerks when they give orders to her. Being submissive.
Sum up your character in a few words: Wei is a fluffball-in-hiding who can and will send your charred pieces to your closest living relative if you push her far enough.

Group & Affiliations:
Class: Assassin/Fighter
Rank: Spare Knives
Affiliations: BRAWLERS


Important Family Members to note: Takato Family, in Spain
Important Friends to note: N/A mostly
Partners: N/A
Rivals: N/A
Other relationships: The people who mentored her in her weaponry

Character Stats (for more information on how to fill in stats, please check here Stat Threat Level
0-19: Low
20-29: Mild
30-39: Moderate
40-49: High
50-59: Severe
60-69: Critical
70-80: Catastrophic
Speed: 6
Intelligence: 4
Stamina: 3
Strength: 4
Agility: 7
Energy/Element projectiles: 5
Defense: 3
Healing Ability: 2
Overall Stats: 34

In the Field:
Area of expertise: Disguises, spirit fire, fire
Skills: 'Manual Override' of doors using her katana, sword fighting, archery, hiding-in-plain-sight.
Powers: Shape-shifting, traveling through fire, spirit fire katana, spirit fire bow-and-arrow, Spirit Samurai form (r4 upgrade)
Weapons: Actual katana and knife when she's in hiding.

Strengths: Her spirit fire weapons and the versatility of spirit fire as she learns what she can
use it for. Her shape shifting. Her protective nature.
Weaknesses: Her protective nature, her sense of honor, small fear of dogs used in hunting, especially fox-hunting, and rolled up newspapers to the nose
Wei bio for DaC
Well, here's the text for Wei's profile. I'll change it once I get more pics and things and the template done. :meow:

Ok, so my main computer is broken, which means I don't have access to SAI anymore. I'm using a school supplied rental which doesn't allow for really permanent downloads/installations. What I can still do, however, is sketch, I just can't color them. So all requests until I get a permanent computer again will be sketches, if you want that. Otherwise, you can pull back your request and wait for my being able to color again, or not get your request complete until well into next year.
  • Listening to: sounds
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: light
  • Playing: Pokemon, Minecraft, Portal 2, or Halo Wars.
  • Eating: munchies
  • Drinking: something


Speciesunkn0wn's Profile Picture
United States
Ok, I've been asking peeps for their opinions about art, so can ye PLEASE leave comments with your favs? ^^; It'd be GREATLY appreciated, especially since I want to know what I can improve.

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