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Name: Nami Vixfira (Nah-me Vix-fire-ah)

Species: Mammal-Reptile/Fox-Dragon

Skin Color: Light, pretty tan

Personality: Enjoys adventure, especially searching for treasure, she doesn’t mind doing work as long as she gets paid in what she believes to be equal or greater value. She’s bi, but leans towards guys a lot more than girls and will only flirt if she sees promise in them, otherwise the one who starts it should expect to get a puff of smoke in the face depending on what form she’s in, or an eye roll. She’s also got a quick wit and isn’t afraid to reply with a scathing remark of her own if she, or someone she considers a friend, is insulted.

Dislikes/Likes: Likes; treasure, meat (raw or cooked she doesn’t care), adventuring, having fun, learning, giving a butt kicking to those who ask for it.
Dislikes; cheapskates, people who treat her like an animal, some veggies and fruits, people who ask for a butt kicking.

Fears: Large amounts of water, her internal flames going out

Hobbies: treasure hunting, adventuring, relaxing on a pile of sand, or preferably some precious metal coins and gems, reading.




Spell goals: Master of Pyro-kinesis

Age: 28

Height: 10 feet tall

Appearance of Attire (for all forms): In anthro or feral, nothing except an explorer’s bag. In human she’d be wearing various kinds of summer clothing with flame designs, so t-shirt and shorts, tank-top and shorts, summer dress, etc. And as always, her explorer’s bag. Which is colored olive green.

Appearance of Animal: Her feral form is her least seen form, being somewhat small for a draconic creature due to her also being part fox, at 18 feet in length and 7 feet at shoulder height. She retains her eye color and the bag shifts to more of a necklace, than shoulder bag. She’s got a similar layout of fur and scales, which are an orange-red color, as her anthro form.

Appearance of Human: She stands 5 foot 10 inches tall, is a pretty, but “light” tan all over, her hair retains her fur coloration and reaches just below the small of her back. Her eyes are a deep blue. She usually wears various summer clothing. Her chest is slightly smaller to fit her smaller, and weaker, form as a human.

Appearance of Anthro: Her height is 10 feet tall and her anthro form is her preferred look. She has wings in both anthro and feral forms. Her explorer’s bag hangs across her shoulders. Her chest is visibly head turning in size. Her tail is ¾ as long as her height and strong for what it is, acting as another grasping limb at times. Her wings aren’t quite as large in her anthro form as they are in her animal form which lead to her relying on her birth gift of air to help keep her flying.

History: Nami knows next to nothing about her parents since she was hatched by a kind middle aged professor in an incubator. She was raised on learning through experience and exploration, as well as books for the more dangerous things. She’s self-taught when it comes to her fire magic, mainly just breathing it, and has a hard time with creating, then controlling, larger bunches of fire outside of breathing it where it’s a natural ability given she’s part dragon. After her surrogate father helped her develop a human form/disguise, she slipped and fell into a large lake nearby his house while practicing her balance without a tail, this led to her nearly drowning and her internal flames dropping to a fraction of what they were before, leaving her sick and immobile for a long time. After that experience, she’s had a fear of large bodies of water as well as what can happen if her internal flames go out completely. After she was able to move again, her “father” began to wane in health and strength due to his age, and the strain of keeping her alive after she nearly died. On her 20th birthday, he passed away leaving her; their house and everything in it. She’d begun to go on treasure hunts with him when she was old enough, so there was a small stockpile of various valuables they’d found on them in a back room. A few months later, after nearly setting the house on fire while practicing her magic, she decided that she needed proper lessons and began to travel from place to place, partially hunting for treasures, partially looking for a place where she could get proper teaching in her magic.

Rank: (Kinda doing this for an application so dunno what rank she is/would be.)

Birth Gift: Air
Lily Updated by Speciesunkn0wn
Lily Updated
Just a sketch of Lily, who, as you could tell by the title, is updated. Again. XD I also realized I never drew Lily under human disguise while she was a zorua, so that's "Young Lily" on the left, and "Adult Lily" on the right.
Areutheal AE App by Speciesunkn0wn
Areutheal AE App
Application for :iconthe-accession-epoch:

Name: Areutheal

Age: (Human/Earth Years) 28/(Kandosian Years) 30

Sex: Male

Height: 7’ 2”

Weight: (Out of armor) 150 lbs/(in armor) 220 lbs

Division: Military

Species: Kandosian. Originally a purely alien race, but evolved over time to include other races, highly militant. (Think like a Mandalorian) They stand taller than humans and are stronger muscle-wise, however their bones are rather fragile and they have a poor self-healing/repairing, as well as the fact that if a portion of their body gets removed, or they are killed, the body part(s)/body will rapidly decompose, causing them to use robotic replacements. A blow to the jaw that dislocates a human jaw would shatter the jaw of a Kandosian, forcing amputation.

World: Kandosii. The Kandosian race originated here, it’s fairly temperate over most of the planet’s surface, with a constantly moving desert on the equator where it’s slow rotation, and closer distance to its system’s planet star creates a more directed area. The northern and southern most parts are arctic areas and mountainous.

Story: Areutheal is a member of the Kandosian Military, assigned to the Experimental FTL Drive division as protection. The ship broke apart during a malfunction sending him and the escape pod he’d gotten into to the
Accession-Epoch universe.

Personality: Good Traits

1: He’s used to the military routine, so following orders isn’t something he’ll shirk.

2: He’s not afraid to sacrifice himself to save another.

3: He follows an honor code.

4: He always stands up for what he deems right.


Bad Traits

1: He gets injured somewhat easily when not in his protective armor.

2: His honor code sometimes gets him into trouble.

3: His items need to have impromptu charging devices, and a strong enough EMP will affect the cyborg portions of him, making them sluggish, up to disabling them completely.

4. He doesn’t speak often, unless spoken to, and is quite blunt.

5. He understands English/basic, and can speak enough to make conversation (in the rare times he wants to), but slang and what-not confuses him. (aka: he doesn’t understand what “Yo, dude!” means based on words, so if he hears it first in an angry tone, and someone says it to him in a greeting tone, he’ll be a mix of confused/suspicious)

Abilities/weapon: He has a multi-use laser-beam handgun/SMG which is his main weapon, his cyborg portions are able to over-power a fair few creatures. He has increased hearing and the ability to see several different light wavelengths due to half his face being turned cyborg.  He wears a Kandosian Sword and Dagger, which are partial blades that act as emitters for hard-light real blades that finish the cutting edges. He also has his protective armor.

Rp Prompt: Please choose at least one of these and answer to it following the rules established for the chatroom.

You have been sent on a team mission with a member from another Division, however the monsters you were supposed to help contain have proved stronger than the information that was provided said they were. Your partner is injured and only semiconscious and there’s a large monster bearing down on you. What do you do?

            Areutheal watches as the huge, six-legged, heavily armored, rhino like beast throws aside the Tamer he was assigned to with one of its massive front legs, the claws’ forward cutting edges slashing the Tamer’s skin before raising that same paw to cut/crush the Tamer. He growls softly, noting the multitude of tranquilizer darts in the beast’s side from when they’d tried to capture it before it rushed them, before firing another one into one of its eyes to draw its attention away from his assigned member. It roars before charging towards him, head down. Areutheal slips a large round with what looked like a cracking ball on the casing into the rifle’s chamber. “Here’s for the record keepers, all darts; small, medium, and large have been used. Thing still isn’t down. I’m gonna try to blow its armor off and stun the kriffer before going for the kill.” He says before aiming towards it and firing the explosive round at its head armor just before it reaches him. He grunts as he’s thrown backwards by its stunned body still slamming into him, the legs and shoulder of it carving furrows in the ground. After rolling back onto his feet, Areutheal pulls out his laser-handgun and rotates the emitter for its most penetrating beam before aiming at the beast, which was shakily trying to get up onto its feet. “I hope I don’t cause too much damage to its body and brain so the researchers get nothing out of this.” He mutters before firing the thin, blinding red beam into its head, causing it to roar yet again, the flesh revealed by the armor being cracked away burning quickly as the beam burrows into it, then through the skull with a little more trouble, and lastly into the brain where the beast’s shaking around causes even more damage to itself because of it. The beast gives one final roar which trails off into a cracked whimper as it succumbs to the burning beam. Areutheal releases the trigger, taking a deep breath before running as fast as he was able to his fallen charge and scooping the Tamer up, fire-man style. [The scientists are certainly going to wonder why there’s so many beacons in one area.] He mutters under his breath in Kando’th. “I hope we’re getting extra for this.” He switches back to English.


Rp media: Notes, Skype, Yahoo, GoogleDocs, the dA chatrooms

Rules: Choose one of your characters and add in a picture of the character above the facts. 

Jason revised full by Speciesunkn0wn   Jason Post-transformation by Speciesunkn0wn

1: Jason has two names, Jason Kings, or Jason A(bsol)
2: Despite him being half Dark type, he's got basic fighting type training and as such, is able to create impromptu fighting type attacks
3: Jason wears a slightly modified trench coat (it's got a hood)
4: Jason wears a charm bracelet
5: He's rather insecure about what's happened to him, which is why he wears the clothing that he does, to hide the changes as much as possible
6: His feet are more like paws than feet
7: He occupies his time playing music, carving wood, or training
8: One of his most hated kinds of people are rapists (note me if you want to know what he does to them)
9: He's got a "pepper grinder" with Pokemon food in it that he'll grind over normal human food
10: His coat is literally bullet proof up to a 50 cal.
  • Listening to: sounds
  • Reading: words
  • Watching: light
  • Playing: Pokemon, Minecraft, Portal 2, or Halo Wars.
  • Eating: munchies
  • Drinking: something


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Ok, I've been asking peeps for their opinions about art, so can ye PLEASE leave comments with your favs? ^^; It'd be GREATLY appreciated, especially since I want to know what I can improve.

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